Electrical safety for workers in non-electrical jobs

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Showing CMV Coming into contact with Power lines

Click Here For IBT Power Line Awareness Fact sheet Electrical safety group unveils videos, infographics for workers in non-electrical jobs Originally published on National Safety Council Website The Electrical Safety Foundation International has introduced several resources aimed at workers in “occupations that traditionally receive little to no electrical training.” In an April 30 press release, ESFI President Brett Brenner says… Continue Reading Electrical safety for workers in non-electrical jobs


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A massive plume of smoke over mountains in California

Response/Recovery In the aftermath of a wildfire, workers may be involved in a variety of response and recovery operations. Some operations, such as utility restoration, cleaning up spills of hazardous materials, and search and rescue, should only be conducted by workers who have the proper training, equipment and experience. What to do during a Wildfire In the event that there… Continue Reading Wildfires