NIOSH Science Blog: Frequent Exertion and Frequent Standing Among US Workers

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Have you ever wondered if your job involves more standing, bending, or lifting than other jobs? Or if there are ways you could avoid injuries from these movements while on the job?

Last week, NIOSH published an article on frequent exertion and frequent standing among US workers by industry and occupation group. Using data from the Occupational Health Supplement (OHS) to 2015 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), the article focused on currently employed adults who were asked the following two questions related to the physical activities of their current job:

  1. “How often does your job involve repeated lifting, pushing, pulling, or bending?” (exertion)
  2. “How often does your job involve standing or walking around?” (standing).

Responses to these two questions were categorized as either frequent exertion or standing (often/always responses) or infrequent exertion or standing (never/seldom/sometimes responses). A third variable was created to examine those respondents who reported both frequent exertion and frequent standing compared to those respondents who reported only one or neither.

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