(NPR) FMCSA Truck Safety Rules

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Early-morning traffic backs up on Interstate 5 during a Jan. 11 snowstorm in Portland, Ore. Truck drivers say such conditions, combined with limitations on their working hours, cost them a lot of money because of their mileage-based pay.

White House Pushes New Truck Safety Regulation While Loosening Obama-Era Rules

(NPR – David Schaper) Under the Obama administration, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulators were drafting a rule to mandate that drivers be screened and treated for sleep apnea, but in August the Trump administration abruptly reversed course.

The sleep apnea rule is not the only safety regulation halted in recent months. The FMCSA also killed a revamp of the motor carrier safety rating system and halted development of a rule requiring speed-limiting devices on trucks. Efforts to require underride guards on trailers — which would stop a car in a collision before the passenger compartment could wedge under the trailer — and automatic emergency braking on trucks are also now on hold.

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