Protecting Workplace Safety in the Public Sector

Azita MashayekhiIn The News, Public Services

A recent Supreme Court case to be decided in 2018, Janus v. AFSCME, would make public service member’s workplaces all the more unsafe by attempting to weaken the very unions that protect them and hold their employers accountable. An unfavorable decision by the Supreme Court on Janus would make the entire public sector a Right-to-Work (RTW) style employer by eliminating “fair share” fees, which are fees paid to labor unions by non-members in exchange for the services provided to an individual under a collective bargaining agreement, therefore forcing labor unions like the Teamsters to provide services to individuals who are paying nothing for them. Workplace deaths are 55% higher in Right-to-work states and the Teamsters will not allow for a decision like Janus to put our members in more danger. In response to this threat, the Public Services Division and locals across the country have implemented the Power-Building Program to inform, inspire, and involve members and non-members alike, teaching them the value of union membership and the importance of being an active Teamster member. When we stand together, we stay Teamster Strong!

For more information, contact John Mataya at the Public Services Division ( DeceptiveRight To Work Is Wrong flier (1)