Work-Related Asthma

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Construction work generating dust

Did you know many asthma triggers can be found in the workplace?

In fact over 300 known or suspected substances at work can cause or worsen asthma. Avoiding triggers can prevent asthma from getting worse. Worsening asthma or new onset asthma in a worker should raise questions about workplace causes. Asthma symptoms can develop shortly after exposure, or they can develop months or years after repeated exposures to harmful substances.

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Attached is an article from the CDC’s January 19, 2018 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) Asthma Mortality Among Persons Aged 15–64 Years, by Industry and Occupation — United States, 1999–2016″ which found that An estimated 11%–21% of asthma deaths might be attributable to occupational exposures. Asthma deaths are preventable with proper asthma management and rapid response to asthma attacks. For example, replacing powdered latex gloves with powder-free natural rubber latex or nonlatex gloves reduced latex allergen exposure and substantially reduces work-related asthma among health care workers

Overview –  Industries and occupations with ≥25 asthma deaths among persons aged 15–64 years

  • Food, beverage, and tobacco products manufacturing – 29 deaths
  • Arts, entertainment and recreation – 29 deaths
  • Health care – 40 deaths
  • Transportation and warehousing – 89 deaths
  • Construction – 184 deaths

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