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Francisco “Frank” Javier Martinez

is a well-known Instructor at Construction Teamsters Training and Upgrading Fund of So. Cal; known by the IBT Grant Program as the So. Cal. Training Center. He first became affiliated with the Teamster Worker Training Program through the HAZWOPER training in 2000.
His entire professional career has been in the trucking industry. First as a mechanic, he was able to advance to Fleet maintenance supervisor with the responsibility of managing 3 maintenance facilities and 23 shop personnel with a yearly budget of 1.3 million dollars. Afterwards he moved to the hazardous waste industry and owned or managed companies that handle hazardous waste, including developing and maintaining clients.
Frank oversaw many large projects where we moved many tons of waste to various disposal sites all over the country. To name a couple, the cleanup of 3200 tons of heavy metal waste at Familian Pipe and Supply where, and another was the Maxwell communications site in Van Nuys CA where 32 underground tanks and 1600 tons of soil contaminated with hydrocarbons were removed.
Francisco can also speak two languages Spanish and English and has translated two of our manuals DOT and HAZWOPER Refresher from English to Spanish. He enjoys creating new training activities for the program – his favorite being a reactor that shows how mixtures of chemicals can react and create oxygen deficiency, but has participated in creating many more for DOT classes and HAZWOPER which are being used by other trainers.
In between trainings Frank enjoys watching sports with his wife of 33 years (his high school sweetheart Nancy), avidly restoring classic cars and spending time with his three daughters, including a three-year old grandson.

SCAL- Frank Martinez