What We Do

We provide comprehensive worker safety and health training to our rank-and-file membership, in addition to technical and regulatory support to our Local Union affiliates, IBT Trade Divisions and Conferences, and IBT Departments


For decades, Unions have led the struggle for improved working conditions, dignity, and respect on the job. Unions have won legislation and protections that have made the workplace safer for all workers. Still, each year millions of workers are injured, diseased, or killed by job hazards. Under the Obama administration, workers’ concerns are a value and a priority for the first time in years.

The IBT Safety and Health Department continues to provide comprehensive worker safety and health training to our rank-and-file membership, in addition to technical and regulatory support to our Local Union affiliates, IBT Trade Divisions and Conferences, and IBT Departments.

Our Mission

The mission of the Safety & Health Department is to develop and implement occupational safety and health and transportation safety policy for the IBT, Local Union Affiliates and rank-and file members.

We provide

training and education for rank and file members through our safety and health worker training program and in conjunction with the Education Department during stewards seminars.

Staff members

conduct independent research on various safety and health issues, we also collaborate with several research institutions on projects where we share interest

Our Work

We work closely with the Legislative Affairs Department and Change to Win Federation Affiliates on various legislative and rulemaking activities that involve safety and health.

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Lamont Byrd


Lamont first joined the Teamsters Safety and Health Department in 1990 as an Industrial Hygienist, with a Master’s from the University of Cincinnati. Under his leadership, the Department has grown to include a diverse staff of industrial hygienists, safety professionals, administrative specialists, grant managers, communications liaison, and office manager. He was very instrumental in establishing, through federally funded grants and partnerships with Teamster Local Unions and Employers, 12 Teamsters Safety and Health Training Centers nationwide that employ approximately 30 union instructors. The Department currently receives  5 federal training grants. In just the past 10 years, over 50,000 Teamsters workers, in addition to other workers and community partners, have benefited from the safety and health training offered by the Teamsters.

Lamont is actively involved in developing occupational safety and health and transportation safety policy and providing technical and regulatory support to rank-and-file Teamsters members, IBT Trade Divisions & Conferences, and Local Union Affiliates.  He currently serves on various advisory boards and policy committees, including the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee; OSHA- National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health; National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health – Board of Scientific Counselors; Transportation Research Board; and the Transportation Research Board – Motor Carrier Safety Research Analysis Committee.

Enjoli DeGrasse

Deputy Director

Enjoli has been employed by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) since 2008. She earned a Master of Science degree in Public Health with a specialty in Industrial Hygiene, Risk Assessment and Toxicology from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from Xavier University of Louisiana. Enjoli is a board certified industrial hygienist in comprehensive practice.

She is actively involved in providing technical and regulatory support to rank-and-file Teamster members, IBT Trade Divisions, and Local Union Affiliates on issues including but not limited to transportation safety, occupational safety and health, hazardous material handling, and worker safety and health training. She works closely with the IBT Package and Airline Divisions and serves as one of the in-house subject matter experts on OSHA and DOT standards and regulations. Enjoli regularly submits comments to the Federal Registrar Docket on a plethora of topics related to both occupational health and safety and transportation safety issues.

Chee Chang

Program Manager

Chee is originally from Taiwan and has been with the IBT Worker Training Program for 22 years. Chee holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Columbia University and a Master’s from Seton Hall University.

She has been responsible for overseeing the IBT Worker Training Program, including the preparation of all reports/proposals, designing the annual Instructor Development Program, as well as managing the day to day operations of the program.

Charmaine Woolard

Program Manager

Charmaine has served as Assistant Program Manager for the IBT Worker Training Program for the last 10 years. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Government and Public Administration.

As an Assistant Program Manager, she assists the Program Manager in the daily operations of the training program and is responsible for ensuring compliance with federal grant guidelines. Charmaine is responsible for preparing annual progress reports, closeout reports, and all appropriate forms.

Thomas Nelson

Finance Manager

Thomas has been with IBT since 1996, originally as part of the Accounting Department. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Bowie State University and became a Certified Public Accountant in 2004.

His role is to perform grant-related post-award functions, including budget and expense analysis, periodic invoicing, financial reporting, labor distribution changes and associated communications with idividuals, reconciliations, and rebudgeting.

Kelice (Kelly) Bellamy

Kelice (Kelly) Bellamy

Kelly joined the Safety and Health Department of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) in June 2003. She has an extensive 23 year background with other various unions as well and is a strong supporter of union values and workers’ rights. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Phoenix in Business Administration.

She is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the department and support staff. She provides daily support to the Director as well as the grant management team as needed. She also supports the Safety and Health department and the IBT Worker Training Program with the procurement of equipment and supplies, meeting, conference, and travel logistics.

Azita Mashayekhi

Industrial Hygienist

Azita Mashayekhi joined the Safety and Health Department of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) in August 1995 as staff industrial hygienist in the Safety and Health Department. She is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a master’s degree in industrial hygiene and safety and of American University with a bachelor’s degree in public health, respectively.

Her responsibilities at the IBT include assisting the Department Director to design, develop and implement occupational safety and health programs pertaining to the Food Processing, Graphic Communications, Industrial Trades, Public Services and Warehouse Divisions, in particular, provide technical assistance, including in campaigns and contract negotiations, and prepare comments and attend meetings related to OSHA, DOT, and EPA rulemakings. She regularly presents on safety and health topics, including regulatory updates, at national and local union meetings, including at the Teamsters Leadership Academy (TLA).

Charles Austin photo

Charles Austin

Industrial Hygienist/Innovation

Mr. Austin has over twenty-five years of progressive experience working with labor unions within the industrial, transportation, and construction industries. He has conducted workplace assessment, research, worker exposure, training, recommended control measures, converge information technology with safety and health information, and grant writing. He earned a Master of Science degree in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences from Hunter School of Health Sciences.

Charles is involved in exposure assessment analysis, e-learning, data analytics, communication, and developing/enhancing safety and health training and provide access to the information via various digital media platforms. Responsible for occupational and environmental health research, technical and subject matter expert, QA/QC, compliance with federal regulations and consensus standards, OSHA training, JHA’s, audits, policy, metrics, wellness, project management, and participated on national safety and health committees.

Jordan Bobbitt

Program Assistant

Jordan is a Program Assistant and has been with IBT since early 2016. She assists in database maintenance and the printing of student ID cards. Jordan is also responsible for the development of the Safety and Health website.

Chris Coppola

Program Assistant

Chris’ area of focus is database support. He is responsible for writing custom queries from the database to prepare information necessary for any reports or proposals the Program Office submits.

Salina Hattley

Assistant Finance Manager

Salina has extensive experience in accounting and auditing in the Non-Profit sector. Salina’s role encompasses a range of responsibilities in finance management, including specializing in disbursement, journal entries, reconciliation, process control, and administrative procedures.


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